Healing Touch Wellness Centre
A Healing Touch to Your Well Being

Services and Rates

An Investment in massage is an investment in your health. 

Swedish Body Massage ~ 1 hour $50                                                     Traditional fluid Swedish massage which is a more gentle pressure that relieves your stress and tension to create an overall sense of relaxation. Perfect for the first time massage or to promote restful sleep. 

Perfect Balance~ 1 hour $50
When you are not sure what your body needs, but you know it needs something the perfect balance combines Swedish, and deep tissue massage techniques to meet your individual needs.

Body Polish ~ 1 hour $50                                                                          A luxurious full body treatment, exfoliating dead cells with a fabulous sugar scrub to bring out a more glowing and radiant you. 

Deep Tissue Massage ~ 1 hour $50
Deep pressure is used to work out spasms and chronic pain within the muscles and connective tissue. The ultimate purpose is to help repair, restore and enhance muscle integrity while increasing endurance and improving elasticity and flexibility.

Hot Stone Body Massage ~ 1 hour $50
Heated, smooth river rocks are used to massage the body. The therapeutic heat of the stones increases circulation, eases tension and induces a deep state of relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage~ 1 hour $50
13+ Weeks Only

Signature Massage ~ 1.5 hours $70                                                   Combination of body polish and 1 hour swedish massage~a wonderful head to toe treatment that will leave your skin silky smooth and have you totally relaxed 

Express Therapy~ 30 Minutes $30
Massage treatment for those short on time focusing on shoulder, back and neck muscles